I'm Baby.Mumthz

I had Hole in the Heart

  • Age 11 month / F
  • Blood group O+
  • Ph.no 9940946961
  • H4H No 329/11.07.2018
  • Diagnosis Ventricular Septal Defect– Perimembranous-PTFE Patch Closure
  • BP 110/70mm of hg
  • Mother name Mrs. AyishaSithiyaMubina
  • Father Name Mr.PeerMohamed
  • Address No3/4,12, Long Street, Ravanasamudram, Thirunellveli- 627424
  • How she reached H4H? Referred by another patient’s parents

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Drummer from the soul

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My Interests

  • Playing
  • Singing
  • Watching Tv

Questions & Answers

  • How many members are in your family?

  • You stay in own house or rented?

    Rent house
  • How far is it from common market?

    ½ KM
  • How do you travel?

    By walk
  • Is there any hospital near by?

    ½ km
  • What is your occupation?

  • How much do you pay for food/month?

    Brother takes care of her.
  • How much are you paid daily/monthly?

    Rs.10000/month ( Mumthaz’s father abounded her mother Ayisha for giving birth to 3 daughters. Ayisha lives with her brother now. She does not get pie from her father
  • How do you pay for childrens education?

    Government School
  • How do you buy dresses for children?

    Take a loan
  • How do you manage un foreseen expenses?

    Take a loan
  • How much debt do you have?

    Rs 40000/-
  • How much of it is due to child’s sickness?

    Rs 20000/-
  • What is the reason for delay in surgery?

    Recently identified and financial problem
  • What are your future plans for child?

    As per Child’s wish