Do You Know ?

  • 85% of population in India (1.21 billion) cannot afford expensive cardiac surgery.
  • CVD (Cardio Vascular Diseases) was the leading cause of death(2.03 million/1.2 billion, 36% of deaths in Tamilnadu).
  • Around 2, 50,000 babies / year are born with heart diseases
  • Nearly one third to one half of these are critical requiring surgery in the first year of life itself.
  • With advances today, 75% of infants can survive and lead a normal life.15% became near normal life. 10% have a longer life with better quality.
  • Bread winners of families die suddenly leaving the entire family to fend for themselves.
  • Young promising men and women die leaving their ageing parents helpless and hopeless
  • Target population for Hearts for Hearts (H4H) is the less affluent from infants to adults with serious cardiac disease.
  • 312 surgeries have so far been performed in Public Health Centre (PHC), KJ Hospital Research Centre & Bharathiraja Specality Hospital.
  • Impact of surgery on the individual, family & society is been studied.

Mr.Venkataraman was born with hole in the heart. He is 59 years & defect was discovered now. Fortunately impact on the heart is minimal. He is well after surgery.