Who We are

Onward HO!

Sufferer says
My dear beloved needs expensive cardiac surgery. I can't afford. What to do ?

Funder says
I thank god for his bountiful blessings. I wish to support those who need. How will I find?

H4H bridges the beneificiaries with the funders.

At the grassroot level, the poor do not know that cardiac disease kills. H4H detects through camps, referrals or directly. Through volunteers gradually rapport is sealed. Child with parents / adults with one attender are transported and accommodated near Public Health Centre (PHC). Surgeries are performed after preparation. Proficient quality care is given in post-operative ward. Stay near hospital is extended for 1 more week. Operated are returned to their homes and reviewed perodically. Studies on impact of surgery on cardiac function, individuals, families & society are made. Partnership with other NGOs helps in their education / career. Entire cost is borne by Multi-Source Funding - CMCHIS & Other Funders. Continuous Upgradation of knowledge and skills of the entire team is ensured by interaction with various national and international cardiac centres.

Rapport between the donor & beneificiary carries on for generations. Donor bequeaths his wealth and gratitude of his beneficiaries to his successors. Beneficaries leave behind legacies of the magnanimity of the donors. So the benefits of giving is not one time. It flows on to generations. Life is precious.